How to Join Girl Scouts

I have a girl in grades K-12 who is interested in joining Girl Scouts

To find out if there is an active troop for your girl's grade level, fill out this form. If no troop is currently available we can help you form a new troop. You can also find more information about how to join on the GSEMA website.

See if there are any Discover Girl Scouts events for your area. GSEMA hosts these events, which usually include a sample troop meeting for the girls and information for the parents.

Learn about becoming a Juliette or independent Girl Scout. These girls do not participate in a troop, but can attend events, go to camp, and earn badges on their own.

I am interested in being a troop leader or volunteer

All Girl Scout volunteers are required to register and complete a background check. See the GSEMA website for how to register. Contact our registrar at for help with registration or to fill out a CORI background check form.

I would like to be involved in the Arlington Service Unit

If you'd like to help organize and run events for Arlington Girl Scouts or find out more about the Arlington Service Team, please email