Resources for Troop Leaders

Secure Leaders' Area

Here you'll find the Service Team directory, meeting minutes, and more. Anyone on the Arlington Troop Leader email list or Service Team email list should have access. If you aren't on one of these lists and think you should be, or are still having trouble accessing the folder, please email

Link to Secure Folder

Items to Borrow

The Service Team has a large collection of items for troops and leaders to borrow. Follow the links for a full list and how to request items. (Inside secure leaders folder).

Requesting Funds

Arlington is blessed with an endowment to be used for Arlington Girl Scouts. If we can help, we will, but we can’t help if you don’t ask. When asking for financial assistance, use this Sample Letter format found in the Secure Leaders' Folder.

Reasons for requesting funds can be:

  1. New Troop Start-up Funds (The deadline is 3 months after your first troop meeting). Please type the first and last names of the girls and the leaders on the request. All girls should sign their names on the request. If a girl is missing, please have someone sign her name. Requests should be one page (front side of an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper). Please note that start-up funds are granted based on the number of newly registered girls and the required number of adults for the level and number of girls.

  2. Traveling Troop Funds for older troops embarking on an extended field trip. Please include the following in your travel request: The total cost of the trip and how the troop is funding the trip. In general, the Service Team gives $15/registered girl and registered adult, within the required adult/girl ratio.

  3. Town-Wide Event Troops doing a project or participating in a program that could be extended to include more troops at their level.

  4. Financial Assistance for Girls in Your Troop For instance: help purchasing a uniform. Please note, however, that we don’t cover troop dues.

  5. Service projects These projects have to be approved by the Service Team.

  6. Conferences Sponsored by Council

  7. Training for girls and adults. Don’t forget that troop funds can also be used for training – for example: First Aid training costs.

It is always preferable (with the exception of reason 4) that you involve the girls and include them in the signing of any requests but it is only a requirement for Start-up Funds.

*****All requests must include*****

  • Troop number

  • School (Specify "Home School" or "Independent", if applicable)

  • Level (or grade)

  • Number of girls and number of leaders

  • Troop Leader’s (Treasurer) name, address, telephone number, and e-mail

Useful Links



Field Trip Ideas

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With Overnight Opportunities

Places With Known Badge Workshops

Additional Ideas (They may be able to work with you to complete badge requirements)

Did you recently go on a field trip with your troop and think it should be added to the list? Email us and let us know!

See the GSEMA list of program partners for more ideas.